Seek a confident, experienced woman who can stimulate your mind in philosophical foreplay, sate your appetite for lustful adventure and leave your head in the clouds for days. A girl who makes you laugh, and a confidante that holds your secrets close to her heart.  You love receiving as much as the giving; intimacy with an authentic connection.


You may have spotted her, the cute girl in a flowery sundress sitting at your local cafe with a tea and laptop editing her photos and journal entries. I love taking pictures (sometimes saucy selfies) and expressing  myself through visual media and writing.  I have a few degrees under my belt (fine art painting, photography/photojournalism.) However, I'm the opposite of an intellectual snob; I make jokes about bad art, I love bad puns and dirty limericks. I still have my east coast bite but more relaxed since I spend most of my time on the left coast.  I've traveled the world and I'm the perfect travel sidekick for holiday adventures or bringing joy to your usual business travel. 

In the boudoir, I have a natural gift for sensual touch and love to be petted in return  (confident hands makes me purr with delight!) I'm a champion make-out artist of passionate kissing (my second favorite body part might just be the tongue.) I'm the cutest pet unicorn for open-minded couples wanting to explore fantasies and expand their erotic repertoire in a triad. I bring to our encounter an authentic connection and real intimacy,  like we've been friends for years but the erotic charge of new lovers. Ultimately, I'm here to co-create you any experience you desire; I feel pleasured and satisfied when I've put a smile on your face.  I look forward to teaching each other new tricks and feeling mutually recharged when we depart.