Talking about sex or lack of sex makes a lot of people nervous or feel shameful. As a somatic sex educator, my sense of humor and openess about sex puts people at ease quickly. Being open and vulnerable about your sexual needs and desires, letting go of shame can bring you to your source of power. I want to be the catalyst to find your erotic voice and feel pleasure like you've never had before.

I studied art and film as an undergrad year before sex became the primary focus in my in life. I'm an activist for sex worker rights and expressing myself through art, writing and filmmaking; follow my active Twitter page to get a peek.  I still have my east coast sacarcastic bite, but I'm also a soft empath who wants to heal the world.  Years ago, when my own therapist shamed my sexuality (I desired sex more than my partner and wanted to explore), she didn't have the knowledge about how to be sexually non-monogamous within a committed relationship or any resources. That started me on the path of self discovery and sexual healing. 



Certified Somatic Sex Educator (CSB) through The Institute for Advancement of Human Sexuality (2014)

Urban Tantra Professional Program with Barbara Carrellas (2015)

Betty Martin’s Like a Pro (for sexuality professionals, 2015)

Human Awarenesss Institute's Sex, Love and Intimacy workshops (2009-present.) HAI is the main reason I became a courtesan and eventually a sex and intimacy coach. It's the first thing I ask when I meet with a couple ("Have you ever gone to a HAI couple's weekend?") It is a 3-day long, clothing-optional experience with 80 other naked people that can be a little intimidating for most. I wanted to bring the all good things I experienced from the workshops to people who weren't ready to be in a big room with lots of people. I decided to put together a one-on-one intensive intimacy workshop which takes place over a day instead of a weekend.