Date Options

Washington DC, August 2nd-7th

Hosting at my upscale hotel in Arlington. 

1 hour $800

Cocktail date, 2 hours $1200

Dinner date, up to 4 hours. $1800. Add $400 for each additional hour.

New York August 7-10

I may be flexible to stay a day or two later if you can't meet then, check with me. Hosting at my place or I can travel to your upscale hotel in Manhattan.

1.5 hours $1200 

Cocktail date, 2 hours $1500

Dinner date, up to 4 hours $1800. Add $400 for each additional hour.

Boston/New England August 13-20  I'm from the Boston area and travel back to visit friends and family from Rhode Island to Maine. I don't charge additional travel fees to meet you within an hour's drive from Boston. I can travel to your upscale hotel or I can book one for us for an additional $150 (I will not have a hotel to meet you without prior arrangements and a hotel deposit fee.)

Cocktail date, 2 hours $1200 

Dinner date, up to 4 hours $1500. Add $300 for each additional hour.

Sleepover party. Dinner to next day brunch $3000

Virtual Date: Want to get a preview before we meet in person? Or do you miss me when I'm not in your city and want to catch up? We can set up a time for a video chat via Skype or Google Hangouts (it's easy, I'll walk you through it if you haven't used a video chat connection before.) 20 minutes, $200. 


‚Äč• I don't accept same-day requests. Anticipation makes the heart grow fonder and even more happy to see you (so please plan ahead ; )

• I require a minimum $150 deposit to confirm all dates. 

• If you'd like me to book us a hotel, add another $150 to the deposit.  I offer several discreet and easy pre-payment options to ensure smooth planning, and I will email all the details. I accept cash for the balance, and for future dates I alternatively accept credit cards.

• If you need to leave early from our allotted time together, my minimum stated package fee applies.  

Cancellation policy

If you need to cancel our appointment, I can hold any deposits if our date is rescheduled within a month, minus any non refundable out-of-pocket expenses like hotel, car or airfare. I've rarely had to postpone a date, but if the need shall arise I would give you as much notice as possible, refund any deposits with my sincerest apologies and gift an additional hour of my time on our next meeting.

Clothing and style requests

Please let me know any particulars and I will do my best to make it happen. I generally wear conservative clothing in public ( I suppose I could wear a clown costume if that was your fetish.) I like to give a hint of the sexy under the clothes, not reveal it to the world.

Please fill out my secure inquiry form to make your introduction. I look forward to our rendezvous.  Joie de vivre!