Ask me

How are you different than an escort?

While I completely respect and support sex workers, my work is not "entertainment" and I don't do one-off sessions to get you off. It's like difference of getting a meal from a fast food drive-through versus learning how to cook with organic ingredients from a master chef. My students want to know how to be better lovers, experience full body orgasms and learn new pleasure (prostate massage and anal play are new realms of pleasure for many.)  How to approach the difficult conversation with their spouse on getting their needs met in the bedroom or how to navigate opening up a monogamous relationship.  Working through sexual trauma and shame, talking about fantasies, kink and role playing. As we progress through multiple sessions, I'm open to guided mutual touch with feedback as well as surrogate partner therapy sessions in tandem with your therapist. I also teach STI risk awareness, consent and boundaries.  

What's the difference between a somatic sex educator and a sex therapist? 

Traditional sex educators and licenced therapists are talk-only therapy, which can be helpful for many.  Somatic is body-based therapy using guided touch in coaching your arousal, pleasure, orgasm and teaching sensual technique to couples. It's like if someone explained how to drive a car: to actually master driving you need to get in the car and drive with an experienced driver who's helping you navigate and giving real time feedback. 

Where will the sessions take place? 

I do online video coaching as well as in-person sessions. My calendar will tell you a few weeks or months in advance where I'm next, but it's subject to change if we don't have a confirmed meeting. If you are committed to doing the work and want to schedule a full day intensive one-on-one session, I can fly to your city. I also offer an online or phone Q & A session to learn more about what you're seeking and get to know one another first.

Do you discriminate on age, race or disabilities? 

I welcome adults (18+) of all colors, abilities, shapes. For the differently-abled, l can make accommodations depending on your needs (wheelchair or ADA accessible space, or have a sign language interpretor in the session.)

I'm learning how to date again after divorce and I don't feel confident talking to women. I would love re-learn skills in the real world. Do you offer sessions like that?

I would love to be your "wing woman" and teach you the art of talking to strangers (especially how to approach women in social sitations.) 

Do you have reviews?

Yes, a big ol' blog with testimonials, praise and adoration I'll share with you.


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