Ask me

I'm just looking for some sexytime fun. Do you offer that?

I'm happy to deliver your burger and fries (sometimes we just want a fat juicy burger from the In-N-Out, right?) You can also have more complexity in your meal (learn skills to be a gourmet chef, give yourself and partner foodgasms, experience Umami, slow down and really savor each bite...) Our time together is what we want to make of it;  I don't charge additional fees for coaching (or for spending time with couples.) It's also fine if you're hungry for a simple burger. However, I don't deliver 'fast food'- my dates start at three hours as you shouldn't rush a great meal. Check out some adventure date ideas to whet your appetite.


I feel uncomfortable giving you my real name and information. Do I have to do this?


The first thing you should know when contacting a sex worker in any specialty is they need to feel safe if they're spending intimate time behind closed doors with you. For myself, I verify who you are through employment references. After you've been screened, we will set up a time to briefly speak on the phone to set up a date. I will never call or text you without your permission. I am a verified P411 companion, but I still require you to be screened if you contact me through there. 


Do you require a deposit? How do you take payment?

A small deposit is always required before we meet, even if we're meeting the next day after confirming over the phone. I see very few people and often have to re-arrange my schedule or secure a hotel, a car service or travel. I offer a few ways to send payment that don't reveal any personal information and billed discreetly with a generic company name (not connected to mine) on your bank statement. I require the balance in cash at the beginning of our date. I can process credit cards for the full amount when we meet again.


Do you discriminate on age, race or disabilities? 

I love meeting adults (18+) of all ethnicities, genders, sexualities, sizes and abilities. For people with physical disabilities, l can make special accommodations and/or give extra time depending on circumstances.


Do you offer shorter dates? I want to get to know you a little first before we meet.

I do offer meet-and-greets online (video conferencing via Zoom or Skype.) View the Essentials page for terms. 



160 CM (5'3")

Dress size: 6

Shoe: 8

Busty? Yes

Brains? Almost as big as the bust

Age: 35 (which is code for looking much younger in my mid 40s ; )


Manhattan, Martini or Gimlet?

I prefer pisco sours or a local Pinot.


Zeppelin, Floyd or Stones?

Damn, I love all their music so that's a tough one...The Rolling Stones might tour again while they're all still alive, so I'll vote Stones for longevity.


Where are you located?

Like the American Express ad once said, I'm everywhere you want me to be. Check my travel calendar or dates posted on my Twitter page.


Where's your gallery page? I just want to drool over your hot pics but never contact you.

I keep my professional photo gallery exclusive for verified guests as an incentive for those who are booking time with me. So please introduce yourself so we can get better aquainted and plan a date.


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