Get in Touch 

If you're ready to book a date (in person or online) please fill out my secure online form. I never store any of your personal information (even the forms are deleted off the server monthly) and I'm the only person that looks at my inbox.

If you want to send an email instead of the form, you must include:

-Your full legal name.

-A link to an employment reference (your company with your name on their website.)

-A well-established LinkedIn profile 

-Your professional company account email (example: Larry Page, You don't need to write to me from your professional email address, but I will be sending a blank email from an unpublished, anonymous account to verify it's you. 

-A phone number with the best times to reach you and any times to not call (note that I will not call without your permission.) However, I do want to speak face-to-face at some point to discuss logistics before meeting in person.

You may include sonnets, love notes and date ideas (I love all of it!) But, If I'm missing any of your personal information this may delay verification and therefore will delay our date. My inbox gets full quickly so the inquiries that are complete are the ones that I answer first. Thank you for your understanding. 


I look forward to meeting soon and being part of your erotic evolution!



" Become familiar with the way 

you purse your lips

then let them part

just the slightest bit,

when I lean in to your space

and kiss you.

I want to know the joy 

of how you whisper 

'More'  "

- Rumi


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