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Joy to The Word

Jul 25 2018 Body Acceptance and Radical LoveCategory: Diary of a San Francisco Courtesan     12:19PM   0

A self portrait at Rooster Rock, one of my favorite places in Oregon to get naked and swim!


 The Body Is Not An Apology, a poem by Sonya Renee has turned into a global radical self-love movement of  sex positivity and body empowerment. “We believe that each time one of us unapologetically owns our beauty, loves our scars, and heals our shame, we in turn give others permission to do the same! We believe that discrimination, social inequality, and injustice are manifestations of our inability to make peace with the body – our own bodies and those of others.” I do some body exercises with clients and have them stand naked in front a full length mirror and examine their thoughts.

When you look in the mirror, are you critical of your weight, your age, what you perceive is "not sexy"? When you get undressed or come out of the shower, do you avoid the mirror for fear of what you’ll see? I invite you look into the mirror, say your name and look into your own eyes. Tell yourself what you love about the body you’re in, and what you are learning to accept. If you’re not there yet, say your name and tell yourself you are lovable  even if you don’t believe the truth just yet. The mirror exercise is a practice that may feel silly, but like lifting weights at the gym to gain strength, you will get there with practice. Looking at your genitals up close with a mirror is a great practice too, and for women this is a part of our body we rarely acknowledge. Sit on the floor with your legs up and ideally use a makeup mirror (it has lights on the edges to be able to see clearly and a stand so your hands are free) and slowly caress your vulva, lips, clitoris, perineum and anus and public hair (if you have it) while marveling at your beauty and uniqueness.  There’s no turn-on goal (though many find it arousing), just observe what you see in the mirror and feel what comes up for you. Breathe deeply if you feel yourself tensing, say your name and “I love you”. 

Yes, you are powerful. Yes, remember that you are loved.

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