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 a couples threesome unicorn, hire an escort for a threesome,  somatic sex educator who also loves to entertain fetish, roleplay, couples threesome unicorn fantasies. She is a busty, petite, brunette bookish sex geek with a wicked sense of humor, goddess of pleasure and commander of foot worship in her red stilettos, cute as a button and even comes equipped with a some fancy east coast art college degrees, knows how to get her groove on and get fun-kay on the dance floor. Ms de Vive is available for travel to San Francisco, Portland, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, NYC. Boston, DC, as well as internationally to London, Dubai, Sydney, Seville, Tokyo, Hong Kong.

Joy to The Word

Jan 6 2018 The Evolution of Joy, Part OneCategory: Diary of a San Francisco Courtesan     04:01PM   0


I birthed Joy de Vive, Courtesan and Travel Companion around Thanksgiving 2013. I was on a cruise with my parents in the Caribbean but all I wanted to do was check my email to see if I got any inquires from my first escort ad. I was so excited to show off the website and I just had my first boudoir shoot. I didn’t know the holiday season is generally a bad time to advertise as most clients are away with their families, but I was the new girl on the block and I had a line of men who wanted to see me starting January 2nd. It was like I was a new restaurant and everyone wanted reservations for the grand opening. My minimum was three hours for $1200, which set me apart as most escorts do hourly sessions, but I wanted to see a smaller group of clients, but the time frame and price filtered out a lot of potential clients too. There was the guy who kept emailing, begging to see me as he was “Fast, like 20 minutes tops” and he should get a price break. I liken this to the person going to a steakhouse and demanding that he’s only going to have a few bites so he should pay a fraction of the cost of the meal.


This was my first taste of business. 


My first Joy gig was a birthday party celebration. On my website, there was a photo of me in a retro turquoise dress and red heels that this client liked, and his girlfriend had the exact dress and shoes. He asked if I could wear it and when I walked in to his hotel, there was his girlfriend in the same outfit. I brought champagne and cupcakes to celebrate as I didn’t know the etiquette, and I also wanted to break the ice as we were all nervous. I didn’t tell them until the end that this was my very first session. The birthday boy didn’t want a threesome, or maybe he did but they were both so nervous as they had never hired a professional before. He wanted this day to show off sexy pictures of himself on his Fetlife profile. He set up his camera on a tripod and we either wore masks or the images had our faced cropped out (I got to look at the images as we were shooting.) He wore a gray distinguished suit and sat in a chair, and myself and his girlfriend sat over each knee like he was Santa Claus. He grinned proudly with his chin the air for the camera as the self-timer went off. 


We eventually took of the dresses and shot some mock sex scenes on the bed. He directed us to crawl up one one another in a passionate embrace and almost kiss (I was disappointed a little that we never got to be really intimate.) I told them I did photography professionally and gave some input for light, background, mirrors, and we ended the session with all of us in the shower. We got the room steamed up for effect and I suggested myself in the front, my boobs pushed up against the shower glass with my arm hiding my face. He stood behind me holding my hips, and she stood to the side of him holding his cock. We did a few variations of poses as the timer did multiple shots. It looked like a “steamy” threesome shower scene, but it was in reality it was pretty tame. At the end of our shoot, I thanked them for letting me be part of their intimate life and they told me about their upcoming wedding plans. It was really sweet and I genuine liked the young couple. I left the hotel and walked down Howard Street in a blissed out state of disbelief. I just made $1200 and had a blast. I felt like the Universe gave me a break for my first gig as I was convinced most sessions would be a little icky, because the world had taught me that sex work was gross, shameful and wrong. Boy, was I fed a lie. I wondered if I had this big secret of how amazing sex work could be but wasn’t allowed to share it with the world. This secret world is all for me, I thought. All this birthday cake and champagne is for me and I couldn’t wait for my next adventure date!

(Stay tuned for part two.)

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