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Joy to The Word

Dec 30 2016 2016, The Year In ReviewCategory: Diary of a San Francisco Courtesan     03:53PM   0

Most of my friends and community are happy to light a match and to set fire to most of the events of 2016. 

We’re grappling how we’re get through the next four years under a narcissist puppet, whose cabinet of evil is almost laughable like a surreal movie plot if it wasn’t reality. (Note that many of my clients are registered Republicans, not one of them voted for him. If you voted for him and not her, chances are you really disliked her and your vote went to block her. If you voted for him believing he’s going to Make America Great Again™, I’ll save you some time and let you know now we probably aren’t a good fit for companion sessions.)

There were so many deaths of people we admired and fascinated us. David Bowie, Prince, and just this week George Michael (I picture them recording some retro pop in the heavens as it rains purple sparkles and everyone on the dance floor has 80’s mullet haircuts and puffy-sleeved jackets.) Then Carrie Fisher died, an actress who was scorned in the media and laughed at for her mental illness, but in her memorial we see how strong she was for being public about it. Her mother, actress Debbie Reynolds, died the day after her daughter passed (maybe of a broken heart?) The horrific Ghost Ship fire in Oakland killed 36 young people, many artists and musicians who were part of my greater community, a few I knew in passing. Maybe everyone was jumping ship before the Drumpf presidency is official? 

Personally this was the BEST year I’ve ever experienced and I've never been happier, despite all the tragedies. 
I’m in my third year working as courtesan, now full-time as my other career finally faded away for good last year. I’ve made peace with that, the digital age has slowly driven a stake through it for the last 9 years and I stopped trying to resuscitate, which just added to my frustration. I went back to school in 2014 and became a certified somatic sex educator, and I feel like I bring another component to clients seeking intimacy on a deeper level. I absolutely love the pay and freedom that working as a companion has brought me, but my greater goal is to fulfill every client I encounter and connect them to a higher state of their own erotic power and to become confident asking for what they want from their partner and themselves. Unlike many escorts I’ve met in their 20’s, this isn’t something I’m doing until I get a “real and respectable” job. I’ve worked for The Man as an office drone, retail clerk, bike messenger, baker, sales person, in-house graphic designer/photographer, art school life drawing model. I even became a licensed Realtor for a short stint few years ago (I love architecture, neighborhoods and people, hated the BS high-pressure sales and marketing.) More power to the people who do well financially and love their job.

The other reason 2016 has been so good to me is I’m still in a passionate and relatively new relationship. I split my time between two lovers now, my first love is San Francisco whom I met and moved in with in 2006. You’ve met him a few times. He’s stunningly handsome with a wild reputation. He’s also a little crazy and bipolar (goes between uber-wealth and homelessness, droughts/floods/fires, runs hot/cold and he doesn’t seem to know that real summer weather is supposed to be between June and September.) Our relationship has tested me for many years, I really tried to stay faithful thinking things would change between us. Then in late 2015, I discovered the Pacific Northwest. Verdant, so wet and green for miles. Not as flashy as Mr Francisco but he’s strong and stable like a lumberjack. The air smells even cleaner than the breeze from Ocean Beach. The people are the friendliest I’ve ever met. Oh, and the craziest part? I could even afford to buy a house! A really cute one that needs some attention and love but I’m finally making it my own. I’m only 90 minutes by plane to SFO and I now split my time between my little San Francisco hole-in-the-wall apartment and my house in the woods. It’s the perfect polyamorous relationship, and there’s no jealousy : ) In 2016, I spent almost 25% of my time and income traveling for business and it’s paid off. I have a handful of regular clients that keep me and the house afloat. I hope to spend more time on the house with more renovations in 2017, but I may have to put that on hold as I’m itching to expand and branch off an intimacy coaching website offering workshops and private sessions. 

If you follow me on Twitter, in 2016 I’ve become an activist in the worldwide movement to decriminalize prostitution through SWOP. We want to educate the media and law enforcement to stop conflating two separate things: adult consensual sex work and separately, human trafficking. In 2015, Amnesty International declared  sex workers around the world deserved rights, not arrest, “rescue” and shaming. Many of my colleagues were on the cover of the New York Times magazine on the subject of sex work, and it was exciting to hear from actual workers, not just the “radfems” that call us the “pimp lobby” and simply can’t see us as people.  We want to decriminalize all sex work (NOT legalize or regulate, which just leads to the more marginalized population working underground still dealing with assaults and arrests.)  We want not just sex workers to be safe, we want our clients to be safe. FYI, this is a HUGE, scary vulnerable thing for me to share on a blog. Many sex workers don’t want to talk to their clients about their politics, especially regarding the law for fear that they will scare you off (quite the opposite of turning you on.) I know several escorts that operate two separate Twitter accounts so they can be an open activist and not fear they’re scaring off potential business. This issue is so important to me, and I hope we can get clients to come out of the closet and support all of us.

“Well behaved women rarely make history” they say. Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to this work. Sex will always have some sort of stigma, but I hope to be an agent of change. Sometimes I think we’re at the beginning, where the Stonewall riots movement for gay equality started 47 years ago. As a sexual revolutionist, I’ve stumbled into this dark demimonde and I can’t look away. I just want to shine a bright light on it, take my clothes off, deeply look into the abyss and let go of the made-up demons. Pleasure is our birthright, we are all worthy of love, we are all sexual creatures. Everything else is a construct.

2017, bring it on baby. I hope to you meet in the darkness, I’ll bring the light and joy to your world.



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