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Sep 6 2016 Why I love the old-school phone Category: Stuff I Love     08:20PM   0

Remember when we were kids, how we used to call our friends at home? Maybe we wanted to come over for dinner, make a plan or just gossip about the new cutie at school? So we would make the call on an old rotary dialer (if you had a push button, that was fancy and modern) and it was probably on the wall in your kitchen. It would just ring and ring if no one was around to answer (this is pre-answering machine days) and after a while, you simply hung up the phone wondering where your friend or their parents might be. And maybe you made some Jiffy Pop, watched an episode of The Andy Griffith show or Love Boat, because this is all pre-internet and there’s nothing to do but watch bad TV or read TV Guide.

I’ve finally taught my dad how to text, he can even handle emojis now (I get way too many annoying hearts and faces kissing now), but I like that I can text my dad if I’m running late or I have a question about what time his flight is coming in if I don’t want to get on the phone for a face-to-face (because your parent’s job is to ask a lot of irrelevant questions and keep you on the phone forever.) So I tend to text him back when he calls and leaves a voicemail to answer a simple question. But, when I want to share about an interesting movie I just watched, a great restaurant or my travels, I always call. I like to sit in my comfy chair, maybe do my nails or stretch my legs while we talk. Talking on the phone is the next best thing to sitting next to my dad on his porch in Sarasota. You can’t get inflection or instant feedback in a text. You can’t hear a person tone, if they are amused, angry or being sarcastic. So many communication hiccups have happened by way of texting because people can’t hear what they other person is feeling or experiencing. I have friends who have broken up with their partners over text messages, and then found out later that they misread the communication and apologized later. Maybe  a phone call would have cleared it up before it imploded?

In my business as a courtesan, I don’t allow texts in my initial interactions for many reasons. It’s interesting how many Millennials are the exact opposite; they get angry when someone has the nerve to leave them a voicemail message! The most important reason is I prefer the telephone is to hear a voice to verify who you are, and I’d like you to hear who I am as well. I want us to be a mutual fit for the experience you desire, and I can’t gage that through typing. I feel that many people hide behind their screens typing away instead of reaching out and being seen. This is why the first thing I want to do is set up a call when I get an initial inquiry. I know that many people get intimidated talking on the phone, get nervous and feel like they may make a bad first impression. We all get nervous sometimes, and if I hear nervousness in your voice, it’s perfectly fine and not a factor in meeting you. My initial phone interview is 5-10 minutes because I don’t want waste our time, and I honestly want a us to have great time when we meet.

 So don’t be phone phobic, don’t hide behind “r u avail now” with a bunch of kissing emojis (I'll just delete and block your number.) I actually want to know who you are, so reach out and Call Me.


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