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 a couples threesome unicorn, hire an escort for a threesome,  somatic sex educator who also loves to entertain fetish, roleplay, couples threesome unicorn fantasies. She is a busty, petite, brunette bookish sex geek with a wicked sense of humor, goddess of pleasure and commander of foot worship in her red stilettos, cute as a button and even comes equipped with a some fancy east coast art college degrees, knows how to get her groove on and get fun-kay on the dance floor. Ms de Vive is available for travel to San Francisco, Portland, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, NYC. Boston, DC, as well as internationally to London, Dubai, Sydney, Seville, Tokyo, Hong Kong.

Joy to The Word

Nov 5 2014 Happy Birthday, Joy of LifeCategory: Diary of a San Francisco Courtesan     03:18PM   0

My persona Joy and I share a birthday this month. Joy's website came to fruition about a year ago and it's been an amazing personal journey. I don't believe that astrology makes us who we are, but I've always resonated with the traits of my birth sign, Scorpio, the most infamous of the zodiac ("hell hath no fury like a Scorpio woman scorned" is one quote heard a lot.) Scorpio is ruled by Mars (the God of War), is a water sign and the body part that rules us is our genitals (no wonder I'm champion lover, a dirty fighter and hot soaks are my personal heaven!) As we start plunging into winter's dark stillness, it's a time of letting go, death and rebirth. Scorpio is symbolically thought of as the phoenix rising from the ashes and returning to earth more resilient and strong.

."Never say Never", but do be prepared to compensate generously and have your mind blown.

I came into this work as a courtesan because I was always secretly drawn to the demimonde, the underworld and the truth we keep hidden, even from ourselves. The world of sex workers and patrons who live in the shadows of a culture that's been demonized and misunderstood. l easily connect people around exploring the darkness: erotic touch, taboo fantasies, tantric ecstasy, power, money, shame, fear- And pulling back the curtain. I often do this with humor (I'm actually a sensitive and serious soul, it's my Scorpio nature) so I make a conscious intention to connect with playfulness, laughter and joy. There is a duality, a shadow and light side to sexuality. When I'm working as an escort, I wear the mask of The Madonna and The Whore; I am respected and passionately desired at the same time; it's incredibly empowering. Many of my clients are married and the relationship with their wives have become either cold or have evolved into platonic friendships but are lacking in physical intimacy. I'm honored to feed desires, to coach and guide around communicating erotic desires while keeping our boundaries and privacy agreements. 

My path started out years ago, being in a sexless and stifling relationship with my then-fiancee and business partner. I broke it off and moved across the country to the Promised Land (San Francisco) to find what was missing. After doing heart-expanding workshops, getting naked in the woods and screaming, exploring polyamory, advanced communication courses, practicing G-spot orgasm massage (my favorite), studying tantra and becoming a certified somatic sex educator— I secretly wanted to be part of the “forbidden”, and here I am. When I created my website, I emulated other escorts marketing (fake orgasm grimaces, bodies posed doggie-style ass up) and their words (which I’m interpreting): “I’m every man’s fantasy, horny all the time and I'm a canvas to project whatever you want on me.” I should preface that there’s nothing wrong with this fantasy, it’s just not me. I’m now evolving into being more authentic to who I am and focussing on who my ideal clients are: generous, interested in personal growth, seeing me for multiple sessions over a longer period of time. Having one’s mind blown is on par with a mind-blowing blow job. As Confucius said, “Choose a job you love and never work another day in your life.” This year, my job is to focus on joy. Cheers, joie de vivre!

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