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Joy to The Word

Oct 9 2014 The Truth ExtractorCategory: Rants     09:16PM   0

"What's the worst part about being an escort?” a friend asked me recently when I opened up about the subject. I think she (and much of the media) was expecting to hear that I'm subjugated to ugly, rude and vile monsters, pretending to like them and forced to commit sexual acts against my will with no agency of my own.

Here’s my truth: The only part of the job that feels like nails on a chalkboard and the daily grind (pardon the pun) is trying to get men to simply to communicate. To tell me who they are so I can verify them, or sometimes just get basic information like a phone number or specifics like where and when they want to meet. About half of my inquiries are the “drive by” kind: “Hey babe, can I see u later today for 1 hour.  See u soon. John.”  I follow up with a thoughtful response and then usually hear a whole lot of nothing. I’m guessing his message was shot out to hundreds of profiles and they’re just hoping they hit one target who replies, “Sure, I would love to see you, stranger with no information and bad writing skills who didn’t read any protocol on my website. I’m just dying to drop everything I’m doing and make myself vulnerable to you this instant!”

Sometimes I see myself as a dentist trying to pull words out of mouths that I need to extract, and the patient either wants to fight me or just fold their arms and hold their breath until I give in. If I was just given the information that I’ve asked for in the kindest and gentlest way I can do it, there would be no struggle. We would all get what we really want in a quick and painless way, a win/win world. And you’d get a lollipop when you left the office. 

Like working with a therapist, it's a unilateral relationship when you’re in session. They’re there for you to unload on them, to be of service to you. You have trust in what transpires in the session is kept confidential as well as your personal and medical information. You don't have to hear about their personal issues and details in their life. She may really enjoy her work, but she still gets paid for her time. Think of it like “the (girl)friend experience with all the perks minus the time commitment, arguments and jealousy.” On the business side, many offices will charge a cancellation fee if you don't give a minimum 48 hours notice as they've potentially lost a client for that time slot. Sometimes they call or email to confirm or have to reschedule your appointment, but it’s still your responsibility (and common courtesy) to respond in a timely manner. Just responding within 24 hours shows you value your relationship with your doctor/hairdresser/masseuse or any other professional you do business with. I see so few clients that I try to work my schedule around theirs and often travel to where it’s convenient for them. While I’m waiting to hear back to schedule a date, I give them priority while I may be losing out on personal engagements and other bookings. Here’s a communication tip: If you get an email or text from a provider that needs an answer as soon as possible and you’re unsure, a response might be,” I’m not sure of my schedule, can I get back to you in the next day or two?” And then follow up in the next day or two. Silence is the worst response. It's worse than getting bad news, and silence has been the cause of so many communication breakdowns, breakups and misunderstandings.

If I could change the world, I would end the war between the sexes to communicate more effectively. I imagine every escort, massage professional and wait staff person would high-five me, send me flowers and throw me the biggest party of all time. And we would invite you, our clients and patrons that float our our businesses. Let the orgy of communication commence! Oh wait, I need to tell you a secret, come closer and let me whisper it in your ear: did I mention I’m very aural?

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