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Joy to The Word

Sep 1 2014 To Review or Not to ReviewCategory: Rants     12:27PM   0

That is the question going through my head a lot these days. I've written about why I don't want to be reviewed on public boards, but I did ask for a personal review and published it without editing. I've joined escort review boards to connect with a community and find local meet-up groups, but it seems the women are really there to get attention from the guys, and the guys are there to feel entitled and sometimes act like bullies. The other companions who've been in business a while have told me they hate the review system; they find it to be degrading and often unfair as they're not allowed to respond to a reviewer that may be writing something out of spite. Yet on the other hand, they also told me they get most of their new clients from their reviews, so they quietly accept it and play the game. Some companions are actively trying to get all of their online reviews removed, and some refuse to have any reviews. 

I'm currently advertising on Cityvibe and every time I log in they taunt me with, "You need to get reviewed on Adultfax to get 5 times as many views, so do it today!" So I created an account to get more exposure, but Adultfax took my profile and threw me into the desperate sounding,  "these girls need reviews!" pile, which has a column for companions offering discounts or services they'll include as an incentive. Seriously, if Yelp had a list of businesses that weren't listed on Yelp and they offered a discount or freebies for a (presumably good) review, wouldn't you question the validity a 5-star review? Yelp has been sued by many companies with complaints from their unethical tactics (and they sound like Tony Soprano's business model:) "If you advertise with us (give us lots of money that doesn't actually benefit you), we'll make sure the high reviews outweigh the low ones (hide more of the low reviews) and we can help you remove negative reviews. If you don't advertise, you might just get some bad reviews." A close friend of mine owns a business that received a very damaging review with false information. She it knew was written by a competitor and not a customer (from what they had written,) but Yelp refused to budge. "Remember, businesses can't pay to have reviews removed", says Yelp's motto, making the public believe how organic their reviews are.

One of my clients told me he wrote a review for another companion and spent a few hours thinking about his experience, how he wanted to word it and spent a lot of time editing before completing it. He submitted it to The Erotic Review and it was rejected for "not being explicit enough" (which I've heard from others is pretty common from them.) So men are encouraged on TER to not be respectful any privacy concerns and encouraged to embellish the truth. I find it interesting that TER has with a long list of rules, dos-and-don'ts for their submissions, but their last rule is my favorite, " We consider all reviews to be fictional stories that are posted by TER solely for entertainment purposes." 

By golly, I say that's a lot of work for submitting an erotic fiction essay as "entertainment" and not actually getting paid for all that work ; - ) 

I do want to give my sympathies for men looking for safe and fun companionship who’re afraid of being ripped-off, set-up, cheated, threatened or extorted. Sadly it happens, this is why the review system was created, but there's abuse in the system as well. I know this post is going to get me in hot water from the review sites, but I felt like I needed to speak up for all the ladies that want to bite the hand that feeds them (although biting can be fun when it’s consensual.)  So tell me, are there any erotic companion review sites out there that don't just list a blow-by-blow like recounting the plays of game in the locker room when you were 17? Any that don't post "services" like a drive-through order menu? If you find one, I'll sign up. In the meantime, let me know who gives the best *BBBJs in town, I'll be sure to write a review if I get a free donut. 

*BBBJ= Blue Bottle Blissful Joy: a grande hot espresso with a shot of Amaretto, topped whipped cream without the to-go lid. Or: Betty's Buttered Buns and Jam. Bobs's Big Bottom-n-Junk. (Let have a contest! Email me your own creative acronyms.)

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