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Joy to The Word

Sep 10 2014 Ask Dr. Lovejoy: Rise to the OccasionCategory: Diary of a San Francisco Courtesan     12:22PM   0

When I'm working in my practice as a hands-on sex educator and coach, I often hear the same body function issues from students that think their problem is unique and there's something "wrong" with them. I'm starting a series called "Ask Dr LoveJoy" where you can to write me with sex and relationship questions, I'll do my best to publish and post in a timely manner. I am a CSB (certified sexological bodyworker) with several years of other practices but I’m not medical doctor, licensed therapist or social worker. I’d like to think of myself as Dan Savage and Dr. Ruth rolled into a cute package (I’m working on my German accent and saying, “penis” with a big grin.)

Dear Dr. LoveJoy:

I’m a 36 year-old straight guy in good health. My girlfriend and I have been together for 3 years, living together for the past year. We have a pretty good sex life but we both lead busy lives so we only have intercourse a few times a week. I usually feel horniest in the morning, so we set the alarm a little early to give us some time in the morning for lovemaking. I'm really hard in the begining and usually cum in 5 minutes, but my GF isn't satisfied (I don’t blame her). I’ve tried some techniques to slow down so I don’t blow so fast, but when I do that I can’t get as hard as I was before, sometimes completely lose my hard on and/or can’t cum at all. She’s accepted our “quickies” but I know she’s not satisfied. Any suggestions on how to get my dick hard again? 

-No Second Chance

I’ve worked with several men on the table who have erectile “disfunction” (they can’t get their dicks to do what they want and it’s not a medical condition.) I’ve taught them techniques to slow down like taking slow deep breaths, pulling their testicles downward and counting backwards from 10 to 1. This usually does the trick but sometimes they can’t get the same rock hard erection or get hard again afterwards. They’re often feeling like they’ve let their partner down and are frustrated with themselves, which makes it even harder (pardon the pun) to perform again.  It seems like everyone is in a rush to get to the Big O finish line so we can get on with our busy lives. We forget that really satisfying sex is really about the road of play, pleasure and connection. The issue I really see, NSC, is that you feel pressed for time and you both want to feel satisfied in a short amount of time. What if you were to set aside 45 minutes in your busy schedules to just play twice a week with no goal? Think of it as an exercise in erotic mediation. You’ve mastered holding off on your orgasm, so when you get soft again, have your GF give you a slow lingham massage (this works best with oil or lube as soft cocks need to be “babied” more than erect ones.) Set aside 15-20 minutes, and do not think about how you need to get hard or that she’s getting bored. There’s give and take in sex play, and this massage can be really fun for the giver to get creative (there’s several videos from eroticmassage.com to learn techniques.) Whenever I’ve worked with men on the table, they’re always surprised to get another full erection and they last much longer before they cum. Once you’ve gotten the hang of this, you may want to graduate to having multiple orgasms without ejaculating, similar to what’s taught in tantra practices.

Happy playtime! 

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