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Joy to The Word

Aug 14 2014 CatalystCon 2014: Sparking Sex EducationCategory: Diary of a San Francisco Courtesan     04:36PM   0

CatalystCon, "sparking communication in sexuality, activism and acceptance" west coast conference is happening September 11-14th, aww yeah! Enlightened preverts unite! Last year I attended a pre-conference sex worker meet-and-greet party, finally got to meet the illustrated Adahlia and fetish-worker-turned-business-coach Sabrina Morgan.

Some of my favorite sessions last year: 

-Business strategies for bloggers, marketing and social media. Cunning Minx spoke about her polyamory podcast and gave a how-to on creating one's own podcast. (You’re reading this blog so my marketing seduction skills are already unzipping your mind.)

-Attended a panel discussion of sex educator parents tackling how to balance being a sexually open parent with boundaries for their kids.

-A former mistress turned sex worker gave a talk on why affairs are way messier compared to hiring a professional (yep, ask your wife which scenario she prefers if she had to choose.) 

-A Mormon wife's perspective on her family and sex life (no, really.) I love CatalystCon for allowing all opinions and angles on sexuality, even when it's Reverend Lovejoy's wife explaining how God and her Hubby are having a hot threesome every night (and the audience cocks their heads in disbelief.)

There was some hilarious and hot stories at Bawdy Storytelling featuring one my favorite educators (and adorable doppelgänger) Tristan Taormino. Wicked Lube had a huge (and very slippery) party in their suite. We sampled flavors from sour apple to salted carmel. Mocha java turns out to be my favorite, and I've discovered a great way to have coffee in bed together with some delicious morning wood ; - )  I proposed they market a lube to appeal to men’s tastebuds with flavors like hickory BBQ, Guinness, bourbon and wasabi (the last one might be for the girl who likes to feel a fire down under.) 

Sportsheets sponsored a trivia giveaway and I won a huge gift basket of tie-downs, lube and other naughty goodies (not your mother's day bubble bath gift basket.) I also won a WeVibe and Thrill vibe in the raffle (the WeVibe is a vibrator built for two and used during intercourse; the Thrill is a soloist toy. At some point I may do a review page as I’m a vibe connoisseur.)

Our closing keynote speaker, Joycelyn Elders, lifted the room recounting her life’s story growing up in poverty in the south, being the first woman in her family to go to college and the first African American woman to be appointed as Surgeon General. Elders subsequently was fired from the Clinton administration for promoting masturbation as a healthy activity and felt it should be taught within a sex ed program in public schools. (ironically, our president went on to have a messy public affair with an intern that almost cost him the presidency; maybe that was his Karmic retribution?)

I hope the teaser of CatalystCon got you a little excited. You don’t have to be in the industry to attend (“you don’t have to be an athlete to be an athletic supporter”as they say.) I also have some availability to meet for dates while I’m in the Los Angeles area, a few days notice is preferred. Oh, and this year listed on the schedule is a tour of the Wet Lube factory in LA (my ultimate Willie Wonka fantasy!) We are the music makers and we are the dreamer of dreams. Grab my hand and we’ll slide down the mocha java river together! 

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