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Joy to The Word

Jun 12 2014 Summah is Hee-ah, East Coast Style!Category: Joyous Portraits     12:11PM   0

Chillin' on a 98 degree day in July, Horseneck Beach, Mass. Water was perfect, biting flies weren't fun!

Like the snow birds that head to Florida every winter, I’m like an Australian snow bird that flees the bone-chilling, windy summers of San Francisco each year for my hot and humid east coast native habitat. Yes, west coasters thumb their noses at the rest of the country in the winter as you shovel out your car, de-ice the walkway and then your home's plumbing bursts while you’re on vacation. But now it’s that time of year when I’m reminiscing fondly things you can’t get on the left coast:

Frolicking and swmming in Cape Cod Bay

Guzzling gallon sized iced Dunkin’ coffee (followed by brain freeze)

The low buzz of air conditioners at night in the streets


Drinking a cold beer at midnight with friends on the porch (without being wrapped up in a turtle neck sweater or standing under a heat lamp)

The ice cream man


Mosquito zappers


Wearing braless summer dresses with under-boob sweat dripping on my flip-flops

Lawn chairs suctioning to my butt when I get up

Appreciating air-conditioning when I just can’t take it anymore.

The Mark Twain quote is true: summers in San Francisco are just cruel (unless you have a penchant for a fall fashion look of boots, wool scarfs and hot chai lattes in July.) I’ll even admit I actually miss humidity and warm summer nights. There’s something so sultry about hot nights and sweaty, slippery bodies grinding on one another- I’m betting more babies are conceived in summer heat waves.

I’ll be traveling back east June 25th through July 31st, will mostly be in the Boston area but traveling to Maine (lobstah!), NYC (real bagels!), Cape Cod (swimin' and a-cycling!) and the Islands (The Vin-yahd and "I Hope You're The Man From Nantucket"!) 

Celebrate summah east coast style with me, let’s have a popsicle and ride the human Slip’N-Slide, weeeeee!!!

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