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Joy to The Word

Jan 20 2014 David Hockney show at the de YoungCategory: Stuff I Love     11:21PM   0

It was hard to bear being inside on a 70 degree day in January, but I pre-bought tickets to the last day of the Hockney show. I was a little disappointed that they didn't really feature his late 1960's-1970s era paintings (he has this great sense of southern California culture and swimming pools). He really knew how to capture a sense of the sun beating down in the middle of the day making the water looking so tempting and cool.) Some of his his current works are done using an iPad he would digital "paint" working in the plein air style (drawing live from real life outdoors, not a photograph.)

The images were printed out digitally on huge sheets of paper and has this feel of 15th century vertical Chinese landscapes done in ink, but his style is much more colorful and layered to emulate ink, painting and airbrushing. His verdant green straight-out-of-the-tube seems to be his favorite color with his landscapes of forests and the English countryside. His portraits were really interesting, I think they were done of friends and painted in a few days so they never looked overdone. I admire the way he leaves lots of canvas bare as if he just stopped and said he was finished and need to move on to something new. I always have a hard time pulling myself away from my paintings I’m working on, that's why photography in the film days was easy as it was ‘just shoot and to the next frame’ if you didn't get it. Now we over-shoot as pixels are free and Photoshop has give a master over the image, but has has chained us to our computer in the editing. Hockney has done a lot to evolve in his career and embrace new technology like the iPad, as well as shooting in video similar to IMAX (except he used several cameras and intentionally not sequenced as to not appear seamless.) It gave the viewer the sense of three-dimensional space as if you’re taking a stroll through his paintings. I think Wayne Thebaud, Richard Diebencorn and Edward Hopper's landcapes are my all time favorites, but David Hockney has really grown creatively with new technology mediums.

Seeing modern art shows is one of my favorite date ideas, creativity gets me excited. What are some activities you love to do on a date? (besides peeling off panties.)

(image: David Hockey, Portrait of an Artist (pool with two figures), 1971

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