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Joy to The Word

Apr 15 2014 The Girlfriend ExperienceCategory: Diary of a San Francisco Courtesan     01:53PM   0

The Girlfriend Experience, also known as the acronym GFE when searching online for an escort, has a lot of differing definitions depending on what site you search. The phrase caught fire when the mediocre indie film staring porn star Sasha Grey, The Girlfriend Experience,  caught a buzz. The public was shocked to learn that an attractive 22 year-old could make a shitload more money per hour being an upscale escort in New York than her gym trainer boyfriend. Stop the presses! A young woman making more money than a man, AND she's not in tech, a venture capitalist or a real estate broker or developer? She must be a bad, corrupted woman (yes, there's your movie synopsis.)

According to Wikipedia's definition, GFE  "generally involves more personal interaction than a traditional call girl or escort offers; it varies widely from person to person, however. There is a focus on not just having sex, but also having more of a comprehensive experience." According to local Bay Area escort site MyRedbook acronym page, "GFE doesn't mean anything these days." However, they go onto give examples of other acronyms you might expect on a date and then break it down to "GFE light" (no kissing)? and "GFE+" (no condoms)? as if it was a menu of upgrades to your take out meal. Their escort review area have a "RBGFE" acronym (RedBook Girlfriend Experience) which just adds to the confusion as Redbook declares GFE doesn't mean anything. (here's my cheeky guess: she gives you a coupon for 20% off your next session and a free order of fries when you mention RedBook).

My favorite was a definition on another companion site that read, "I am a true GFE: Genuine Feminine Extrordinaire," probably a reaction to all the questions she was emailed as it really does have so many definitions. Imagine this as a "girlfriend experience": you blow off your golf buddies to go to the mall with the GF and hold her purse while she shops in the ladies’ section and tries on hundreds of outfits as you fall asleep from boredom in the waiting area. Later that night, you have a fight about why she maxed out her cards, then tells you she’s too tired and has a headache when you want to have sex.  Isn't that the real girlfriend experience? The experience part we (as paid companions) bring is the girlfriend minus the drama, jealousy and time commitment (and we never have a headache when you're around, my darling.)

"But if it's just an experience, are you just acting and not enjoying yourself?" 

I was asked this recently on a date as we walked down the street swinging our hands togther and eating ice cream. I can only speak for myself, but I don't ever act a part as I genuinely like whom I choose to spend time with. The important words here are Genuine and Choice. I consider myself lucky and privileged that I can be selective on whom I date, and I only see people that I have a genuine connection with. It's really not a physical attraction I seek, but a friendship that leads to a heart connection is a must for me. Some people I feel closer to than others, but there's never acting or theatrics on my part. I still have personal boundaries, real feelings and I don't follow a script. Treat me with respect and courtesy (I really look for this in my initial contact from you, hint hint) and I already like where we're headed. 

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