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Joy to The Word

Mar 18 2014 In Deposit We TrustCategory: Rants     02:27PM   0

I recently had an inquiry from a gentleman coming from out of town who was staying up in Wine Country (about 60 miles north of San Francisco). He wanted to schedule a date but only could meet on one particular day near where he was staying. He also needed a higher level of discretion and wanted me to book a hotel for us, but had specific requirements. I explained to him how to send me deposit as part of my fee since I would be booking a pricey hotel and renting a car, leaving at 7:30am and driving almost 2 hours to get there in traffic.  Many hotels have policies where you can cancel two days before your reservation without a penalty, so I wasn't too worried as our date was a few days away. I did my concierge duties from his criteria and booked the perfect 4-star hotel.  I still hadn’t received an email or his deposit yet, and I would be on the hook for the hotel if I didn't cancel by a certain time. Since I didn't hear from him after emailing him the day before, I had to cancel the reservation and just assumed he flaked on me. Then I heard back from him the next day telling me he "didn't have time to get the deposit to me, but are we still on for Saturday?" I said I would need to re-book a hotel, and the one I previously booked was now sold out as well as almost all of the hotels in the area (more tourists visit the Napa area over the weekends.) From the limited availability of accommodations, I booked the best one I could find a few miles away, and waited to hear back from him as the time got closer. In the meantime, I had turned down another inquiry for a date as well as personal engagements. After all that stress and fuss, he ended up canceling and was lucky that I wasn't charged for the hotel and car. I did lose a lot of time as well as income.

I realized I had to make a change to my business practice. In addition to verifying who you are, deposits put me at ease. Not having alarms going off on my phone for when to cancel hotels, cars and hair appointments. Setting up a date is a balance of for both of us: Getting your information so I know you are and I feel safe. You, trusting me to be who I say I am from my photos and my words. Before we've actually met, It's a delicate give and take. As a courtesan, I put a lot of time and thought into each date. From beauty appointments (roll your eyes but it takes time to look our most fab and sexy), and concierge services such as researching the best restaurants, things to do and logistics so you don't have to stress about it. Canceling last minute really does wreak havoc on schedules for people who work independently. Services that require appointments in advance from dentist to hairdressers usually have a 48 hour cancelation policy or a fee applies.

I decided a minimum $150 deposit would apply for all new dates. Some companions ask for 50% upfront, but I'm trying to be fair as many don’t ask for deposits. It's the smallest safety net I could have without taking too large of a loss. I also give a few ways to get me a deposit that don’t leave paper trails if discretion is needed. A note on longer distance travel: if I'm getting on a plane or booking a particularly long date, I'll ask for a larger deposit but will discuss this with you before we meet. Since I started requesting a deposit, I haven't had one cancellation. 

Thank you for your understanding so I may be a little less stressed when we meet. I’m really not my sexiest with bags under my eyes, so more the well-rested when we meet the better for both of us to unwind together. 


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