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Feb 25 2014 Eros Guide Blog: I Left my <3 in San FranciscoCategory: Stuff I Love     10:32AM   0

I was asked to write short article for Eros Guide on things to do on a date in San Francisco. Being the good, giving and game escort that I am (and by escort, I mean the original definition, “to accompany or guide another”), I love being your personal concierge and revealing my favorite secret spots that not all locals even know about. Sexy, spiritual and often silly events that show off our history as well as our creative and open spirit. Sure, I could have written about all the stuff you've seen experienced with your parents; tacky Fisherman's Wharf, the souvenir shop at Alcatraz Island, the hippy kids on Haight Street, the painted lady houses in Alamo Square. San Franpsycho (as it’s been lovingly referred to) is too bent to be square and too unique and rebellious to be part of your Disney store excursion. Below is my short list of some of my favorite not-the-usual date ideas (published originally in the Eros guide blog.)

I left my <3 in San Francisco                                                   by Joy de Vive

If you’re new to the City by the Bay or just visiting, there’s a reason Tony Bennett once crooned the wistful tune “I left my heart in San Francisco.” Like the locals here, the weather has it’s own personality: mostly mild and mellow but sometimes freaky and strange: As Mark Twain famously said, “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.”, so plan accordingly and dress in layers. The evenings are always a little chilly, so It’s a perfect climate for getting warm and snuggly with your honey.

Most tourist flock to bland Fisherman’s Wharf, but who wants to be a tourist when you explore a city with such a rich history of debauchery and rebellion? San Francisco was born from infamy know as the Barbary Coast in the mid 19th century, where the sleepy port was taken over by men all over the country wanting to to stake a claim to gold and strike it rich. The women quickly followed suit and struck gold even faster by opening brothels, many becoming wealthy and powerful madams who became San Francisco’s first elite society of women. In the 1950’s, The Beat Generation” poets like Allen Ginsberg and Lawrence Ferlinghetti started questioning mainstream politics and flocked to San Francisco’s North Beach to start a revolution. When the 1960s’ arrived, San Francisco was the birthplace of saying yes to sex, drugs counterculture.

With all that juicy history, let’s take a  little peep of San Francisco’s underground culture. Your grandparents can go on the tour of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate bridge.  

Folsom Street Fair: If you’re visiting in September, one of the biggest attractions in the BDSM, leather and gay community is the Folsom Street Fair. You’ll see people walking their pets on leashes, but their pets are human, often naked but very excited to be seen. Lots people tied up, public spankings and other things that Eros may not let me say here, but it’s all consensual fun. 

Watch girls swirl their tassels: Before modern strip shows, their was the demure and fun burlesque show where certain body parts were left to your imagination. There were no laps dances but plenty sexy girls dancing to choreographed numbers in feathers, twirling and teasing the audience. A great date idea rather than an strip club as it’s more light-hearted than hardcore.

Take a tour of the Armory: Built in 1912, the castle-looking building was used by the naval guard. In 2006, the 100,000 square foot building was taken over by kink.com’s studios. They shoot live sex cams shows to BDSM porn that featuring elaborate sets from dungeons to Victorian parlors. 

Bay to Breakers: if you’re visiting in mid May, the Bay to Breakers race is from one end (the Bay) to the ocean. But being a spectator is more fun that running as many racers wear elaborate costumes, make their own parade floats, and others just can’t be bothered with wearing anything. 

Bawdy Storytelling: imagine getting up in front of strangers and telling them your most embarrassing sexual escapades, like how finally lost your virginity at age 28, to having your first threesome and not having it go as planned. It’s always a great first date icebreaker as you’ll be laughing, blushing, and afterwards you’ll have some great conversations about your “firsts”. 

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(photo above courtesy The Blackbird Burlesque Caberet.)

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