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 a couples threesome unicorn, hire an escort for a threesome,  somatic sex educator who also loves to entertain fetish, roleplay, couples threesome unicorn fantasies. She is a busty, petite, brunette bookish sex geek with a wicked sense of humor, goddess of pleasure and commander of foot worship in her red stilettos, cute as a button and even comes equipped with a some fancy east coast art college degrees, knows how to get her groove on and get fun-kay on the dance floor. Ms de Vive is available for travel to San Francisco, Portland, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, NYC. Boston, DC, as well as internationally to London, Dubai, Sydney, Seville, Tokyo, Hong Kong.

Joy to The Word

Jan 14 2013 The New Girl But No Review, Thank You.Category: Rants     02:30PM   0

I've been warned by others not to reveal I'm a few months old newbie as there are some bad eggs lurking in the dark corners of the internet, pouncing on new providers and promising them good reviews in exchange for freebies, discounts and often pushing their boundaries. Eww. Yet another reason why I think reviews are not for me, although reviews seem to be the de riguer around these parts.  There's also the fact that many reviews are so slanted and biased, many outright fake and a few review sites that encourage men to write an explicit review in exchage for a free month of membership. Not only are they icky and biased, they could get a companion in legal trouble by written "admission" of evidence, even if it's false. Yikes.

I signed up for the verification services P411 and Datecheck in order to be a verified provider and also have another way of verifying you.  I'm a person, not a new burger joint to be critiqued and praised on Yelp. Each date I have is special because of the energy and intention you bring is unique. My intention is to always bring you joy; to be positive, playful, "good, giving and game", it's truly who I am. I feel grateful to have already met some high-profile men (and open couples) who know I would never share any information about them or what what we did/didn't do.

Posting publicly reminds me of the guys in high school who would brag to their buddies in the locker room on Monday morning and completely disrespect the girl they were gossiping about. To me, it made them look desperate and a little pathetic. Lucky for me, I always had a crush on the quiet guy with coke bottle glasses who sat in the back and worked on his science project all weekend. He always had time to tutor me in chemistry class and turned out was secretly a great kisser and really eager to get really good before sliding into home base. Those are the men today who don't have to time to post reviews. They are busy making the world a better place and striving to know themselves more intimately every day. 

To those who think different, who didn't follow the crowd (and are secretly great kissers): thank you for being my clients (who are now my friends.) I hope to bring you joy every time we meet and may you pay it forward in the great and small projects you're working on in the world. 

(photo courtesy of Ruth Orkin, "An American Girl in Italy", 1951)

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