I studied art as an undergrad before venturing into the demimonde of self-pleasure, sex education and shame slaying. Years ago I was engaged to my then-fiancée and I carried a lot of secrets that weighed on me. Our marriage councelor told me I put too much emphasis on sex within our relationship- "Love would make it all work itself out," she explained. Luckily for me, my gut told me this wasn't where I needed to be and I left before we were to be married. It took me down the path of erotic self-discovery and sexual healing.


I'm honored to get a peek into the "shadow side" of my clients desires, to be the gate keeper of secrets and the bringer of joy and pleasure. I'm an experienced woman with a satiric east coast bite but also a soft west coast girl who's a cheerleader for hot sex (let's wake the neighbors, I'm cheering loudly for you!) I stay fit cycling the hills of San Francisco, hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and balancing it with my devotion to fried oysters and chocolate martinis. In my creative personal life I love to express myself through humor, activism, art and photography; peek into my Twitter @Naked_Therapist for more eye candy and sapiosexual delights.

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