Hello Sexy Stranger-

You may have found me from my posts exploring Threesomes for CouplesAre You in a Sexless Marriage? and How to Contact an Escort. In 2014 I started a path as an upscale courtesan, and while it was titillating and exhilarating, over the years I’ve gravitated towards going deeper and finding purpose as a sexual healer. I have a professional practice as certified somatic sex educator and intimacy counselor. 

I'm a certified somatic sex educator (CSB), which means instead of just talking you about sex and pleasure, you experientially learn through touch what feels good and what's blocking you from your fully expressed erotic self.  I specialize in coaching men and couples full-body orgasm, erotic techniques to teach and share with your lover, opening up relationships and asking for what you want in the bedroom. I work primarily with men who have issues such as ED, lack of sexual confidence/experience, feel shame or who are adult virgins. I also teach prostate massage and why it's especially important for older men's health.  I work with couples who’ve seen therapists but feel like they haven’t made any significant changes in their relationship. I'm a guide for opening up marriages to new possibilities, non-monogamy, polyamory and navigating new paradigms. I coach by role playing: asking and negotiating for what you really want in the bedroom, listening without judgement from the past, learning your own boundaries and then going to their edge. Touching your partner like they’ve never been touched before. Therapy was never this fun!

I do both online/phone coaching packages as well as Intensive sessions in person, and I can travel to your city if you're not in mine. Please send me an introduction or schedule a 20 minute Q & A video chat to know more about how I work with clients and a little about your challenges. If you're ready to book online coaching sessions, you can do that here

Take my hand, my lover and friend-

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